Addison L.

Tour Guides and Undergraduate Student at Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg


Class of 2027

Hometown: Elizabethtown, PA

Major: Agricultural Science

Concentration: N/A

Secondary Major: N/A

Minor: N/A

What advice would you give your high school self?

I would tell myself to study more, use the resources that were given to me, and to not procrastinate.

The faculty at Penn State Harrisburg are...

Faculty are very welcoming, easy to approach, and not scary at all! They want to see you succeed!

Why did you choose Penn State Harrisburg?

During my high-school career, I was heavily involved in the field of Agriculture. I wanted to continue in the field, so I looked for schools that had Agriculture and I chose Penn State, not only for the closeness but for the welcoming community as well!

What is student life like at PSU Harrisburg?

It is very busy and exciting, there are a lot of fun activities that can be educational and non-educational that will keep you busy!

I'm passionate about...

Agriculture Plants House Plants

I'm involved with...

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