Juan S.

Tour Guides and Undergraduate Student at Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg


Class of 2025

Hometown: Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Major: Kinesiology

Why did you choose Penn State Harrisburg?

I choose Penn State Harrisburg becuase they have great facilities for my major that is Kinesiology. This is awesome because it allows me to have multiple labs and analyze this data. Also, is the second biggest campus and has more resources and more clubs that I can join such as Volleyball and Dance teams.

What is student life like at PSU Harrisburg?

It can get busy if you like to be involved in multiple clubs and jobs. I am in more than 2 clubs right now, I have three jobs on campus and this allows me to expose myself to new things. Student life can be interesting but also can be hard because of workload and other responsibilities. Some of the good perks are that we have a good fitness center ( free personal trainer and nutrition plan...), we have an aquatics center, and an open gym to play any sports.

What advice would you give your high school self?

Applied early to college, go to open houses and campus tours you can get scholarships for these through "Raiseme"

The faculty at Penn State Harrisburg are...

Amazing, the faculty in this campus care for students and if you are a person who likes to put themselves on the map, the faculty will help you to do that.

I'm involved with...

Club Volleyball Dance club Gym.
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